Wilder vs Fury: WBC Boxing Championship Fight

I have just opened my eyes and its 4:20 am! Well, this has not happened by accident. It’s because I wanted to watch the boxing match everyone has been talking about for days. The hype for this match has been epic!.

The WBC heavy weight title fight between Tyson Fury (TF) and Deontay Wilder (DW). For starters, when I watched the last pre-match interview, TF looked really different and in a good way. Trim, fit and awesome. But so did DW too. Trust boxers… each man had been telling us how good he was and how he would wipe the floor with the other. I really wanted to see it unfold firsthand. So I am very excited but rather than break the silence, I would put my thoughts down on paper. Let’s see if you enjoy the match as I am doing right now.

Ring Entrance

TF makes his entrance first. As I said earlier, he looks trimmer and sharper. He has also chopped off his signature beard. Errrmmm…. I am not too sure making too many changes is such a good idea. I am a gypsy at heart myself but we’ll see. Oh! something else has changed from the last two times I watched TF. The “return of the Mac music is not on cue”.  I am a bit worried now at this point. I just feel like he has jinxed the fight but we’ll see.


DW. I was surprised that he was booed at he made his entrance. He is at home for Christ’s sake. We shall see what that is all about soon. Anyway, he enters the ring wearing a cloak with feathers all around the neck, a crown and half of a face mask. If his intention was to be a lion, he certainly missed the designing memo because he looks more like a vulture. He is not making any big body moves. He looks pretty calm considering all his pre match comments. Perhaps he is in the famous Zone that we hear athletes enter during competitions. But there is a thin line between entering the zone of athletics and entering the zone of fear. Hear ! Hear!


Rounds 1-3

The first 3 rounds have been for TF so far in my opinion. Wilder has been unable to land any massive punches at this point. I hear DW will normally knock people out within the first 4 rounds. I just feel that if TF can  hold him off until the end of round 4 he will stand a chance…

Round 4

DW seems to be coming out a bit more. More of those his famous right hooks beginning to show. But his reach is shorter than TF’s. DW has been very unable so far. He walked in looking like he was in the zone. But with each punch he is unable to land, I wonder if that was fear I saw in his eyes at the start. TF has been so confident, doing his foot walks, throwing punches and really moving around. DW just appears to be chasing him around most times.


Round 5

This is our chance. Go TF! Sorry, did I just give away my bias? Come on, to be fair I am British so it’s not surprising. Compadre and all.

First few seconds in and  I have seen a few combos from TF. Fatigue appears to be setting in now to on both sides. TF has not been very active in this round. His punches appear to have decelerated. Fewer punches, less movement. He is not as sharp as he was in the first few rounds. To be fair even though I hate to admit it, DW looks stronger in this round.


Round 6

OMG I can’t believe the match is still on…

I think DW has a plan and TF needs to be aware. TF has won the previous 5 rounds in my books. A flash card on the screen appears to have given round 2 to DW. Seriously, are these referees watching the same fight?  If he wins a few more, then DW will need a knock out to win.  DW is trying to reach but can’t seem to get to the gypsy king. I imagine that an unsuccessful punch would be more exhausting than land an actual punch. TF just locked in a few punch combos and DW had to use some high blocks to save himself. DW just finally landed a successful punch. He probably plans to knock out TF but that may not be a good idea for him because the gypsy king means business.

Round 7

Wow. Round 7?????

Here we are in round 7, I certainly did not see this coming.

I really need a wee but I can’t bear to miss a moment!

DW is not even able to land punches TF is controlling the fight. He looks confident and still active. Infact he looks stronger than he did in round 4. Nice right hand by TF now. Wow some nice combos too by DW and TF looked like he was in trouble as a result. In fact he had to lock DW to save himself. These punch combos seem to have boosted DW’s confidence. Psychologically that seems to have brought them back on equal grounds.  We can’t rule out DW. This was such an interesting round that it seemed shorter.


Round 8

They have to dig deep now. It’s been a settled round so far. TF physically towers high above DW so much. It’s unbelievable that their height difference is 2″. TF’s confidence, foot walk and body language are all goading  DW. Some nice jab combo from TF at the moment and so far, he seems to be clinching this. TF is a total tease. The round ended with DW landing some nice jabs and TF’s body language appearing to suggest indifference.


Round 9

This fight is turning out to be value for money for all TF’s fans. A swelling is quite visible now under DW’s right eye. It’s amazing how confident TF still looks. Wilder would need a knockout miracle to win this match right now. But I seem to have jinxed TF because DW has just delivered a successful right hook and unbelievably, TF has fallen to the ground right now. It looked like he slipped not really looking dazed. TF stands up. Yay the gypsy King is fine. He has survived the famous DW right hook knock out. He is still moving around, sticking out his tongue and teasing DW. On the replay it was a right hook that caught TF off balance it was not just a slip. TF should be careful and avoid this.


Round 10

Some double combos from DW. TF is weaving and avoiding wilder’s punch. I think it’s a mental game at the moment. Fury has to avoid the right hook. TF is relentless with his goading and teasing of DW. TF did well to avoid some strong right punches now. This has seen him surviving round 10. Phew!

Round 11

These last 2 rounds to me are going to be mental. Hold on strong physically and dominate and that will be the key to success. Whoever plays that well should stand a chance. Of course as long as no knock outs happen. Both fighters have been through the mill.

Sadly, my link to the fight died off and here I am staring at the screen. Wondering who won the fight. Hopefully I can log on in a few minutes before the end of the next and last round. My guess is that all thinks going well, the gypsy king should save the day.

Round 12

Yay… I am back again.

This is it! DW appears more punchy. And here comes the killer right and left hook combo from DW! OMG…he has just knocked the gypsy king to the ground. In just a few seconds.


That was huge! TF is out…the referee is counting…1,2,3,4…Then suddenly, he seems to regain himself. He was flat on the ground. DW is celebrating.


No one who he has struck down has ever come back. But not the gypsy king. He is up again to DW’s amazement. The referee has asked TF if he can see him. Yes, Yes, Yes.



He is back he still looks dazed. He is holding on for dear life now. The fight continues.  DW can’t believe it. He has used his  well trusted hook, it delivered a knock down, instead of the usual knock out!  TF went right down and out.  There was to be no surviving it. DW felt that finally, his work here was done. Even DWs fiancée in the audience was rejoicing. But maybe the champagne popping was not to be because…. no no no TF rose again.

The gypsy king heard the gypsy bells ringing him up! and everyone’s surprise, he stood right up.

End of the fight

It was a beautiful round. I think my main thing is the passionate embrace between the fighters. Mutual respect for each other. DW knows there was no more that he could have done. No one had ever survived his knock out yet this gypsy king of a man survived 2 within half an hour.


Wow I am not a boxing fanatic but this was a good fight.

But did TF really complete his comeback? Did he do enough to win?

Well, I am waiting for the results. I have been dancing for TF.  But a lot happened in R12. DW looks downcast. It’s like he knows he has lost.


Guess what it was a SPLIT DECISION!!!!!


That’s so wrong. Even the fighters knew that TF had won the fight. You mean that we all woke up at half past 4 for nothing? Surely this was a clear win in favour of TF. And look DW is celebrating. I have never seen any honourable person celebrate this clearly partial outcome.


This is just all a game to these decision makers. They cheated TF as far as I am concerned.

I remember  feeling that TF needed a clear win with a knockout because in my experience, a lot of partial judging swings in favour of existing champions if fights are to be judged based on point scoring..

But there you have it. A draw!

Thanks for reading..


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