Why you should stop competing with others

Life is not a competition. We live. We toil. We struggle. We love. We play. We are happy. We are sad. We think….All the things we do… are done … to survive.

We have to live life to the fullest every day. But while we all exist alongside one another, while our eyes can see constantly… what others can do … what others have done and what others will do…we must never lose sight of the fact that… IT’S NOT A RACE!

Even though it feels that way sometimes especially when we are constantly competing and trying to outwit or out shine one another. It’s not a race let alone a competition.

It’s easy to lose sight of this fact. As we seek to impress and crave acknowledgement. At the end of the day, it is every man for himself… everyone at their pace… everyone with their abilities… everyone with their strengths yet all drawn back by their weaknesses.

It doesn’t even matter if you get there… it doesn’t matter if you do well… it doesn’t matter if you stumble… it doesn’t matter if you fall… it does not even matter if you fail… what matters is that you tried! It is only those who enter the race with even as little as a trial that have the possibility of crowning their endeavours with success. In fact, the real losers are those who stopped trying along the way.

Life in itself is precious… in whatever shape or form it takes… strong or weak… tall or short… Mr endowed or not. Don’t wait until you are losing it… don’t wait until it is slipping away to value your life and appreciate what is really important. The important stuffs are not mainly in the things we chase daily. They lie in the ones we cannot see or feel… deep within us adding substance to our lives. If we nurture them daily, then they will enrich our personalities making us more attractive to others. They are kindness, love, empathy, sympathy, mercy, peaceful coexistence with one another.

We must keep our sanity by quitting the habit of constantly comparing ourselves with others. Contentment is one of the key elements of sustainable happiness in this journey of life. By being contented with what we have now it does not mean we are excluded from wanting more from life. It just means that when we try only where reasonably possible. It is never at the expense of anyone. So that when we finally get all we want, it will be worth the wait in the end because at the end of the day, IT IS NOT A RACE !

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