Why I nearly turned down a harmless tub of Pringles

I have just concluded tonight that the worst and most sure way to fail is to resolve not to fail! Hahaha maybe I did not really mean it in the way it just came out. It’s just that my experience today has left me in no doubt that as soon as one decides to make a resolution; it appears God (nature or however you prefer to put it) takes it so seriously that the first few minutes after you make the resolution these forces unleash the testers at you, honestly!

It’s just like when you decide to stop shopping and spending ridiculous amounts of money on items you don’t really need. Have you ever noticed that in no time, sales and mouth watering price slashes happen to make you doubt the timing of your resolve? How about when you give up the booze and walk into a free booze declaration by a friend at the unlikeliest moment! How irritating is that? I can go on and on with the examples but I think you catch my drift.

Today was one of those days. I resolved to increase my fibre (fruit and vegetable) intake. But guess what? No sooner had I made my mind up than a nice parent appeared with a yummy tub of Pringles (surely saying no would be rude.) She even specifically said that as soon as she saw it on the shelf in store, it had my name written all over it (everyone knows that I have a relationship with Pringles). So I walked away from the parent’s kitchen, tub in hand, salivating like crazy. Just one crispppp I thought. But I knew like always that that one crisp especially on an empty stomach will be equal to ten crisps until the tub was empty. I got to my corner of the ward and tied it up in 4 plastic bags (cursing the manufacturers of the said crisps for making them so irresistible).

Next came the array of deliciousness at the lagoon restaurant! This morning, they had the yummiest of the yummies or rather crème-de-la-crème of the palatable kingdom on display. It was supposed to be a trip to buy some vegetables and a light meal. I just kept avoiding any eye contact with the lady dishing out the portions of food for sale. I definitely had to escape without the question “so, what will you be having today” because that would have been an automatic YES from me! Luckily she was preoccupied with another customer by the time it reached my turn. The nice young man on duty went straight to business and asked me no further questions.

My day went well after that with enough water, vegetables and fruits. For lunch I had a lovely bowl of rice and some fish. However, just as I was about to give myself a hi- five for a job well done, I met that parent from earlier who innocently asked me if I enjoyed my Pringles. Although we discussed many other things, she had unknowingly replanted the crispy thought in my head. As we chatted in the parents’ room, I summoned the last ounce of courage to decline the yummy pizza triangle one of the parents had thoughtfully bought for everyone.

Right now I am trying my best to resist finishing the full tub of crisps but so far I am nearly half way through. The good news is that I had enough food through the day to keep me away from the full tub. Now that the craving has been quenched, I can set myself up for a better day tomorrow. So while I will not call this day a complete disaster, it is fair to say that it did not really go as perfectly as planned.

Thanks for catching up with me today. Have you noticed these tests in your own life after making simple resolutions? Or do you think it’s really just me?

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