Editor’s Note

You know many people see us happy here at Whispering hope HQ and wonder how we keep our spirits constantly high. It’s pretty easy. It just takes knowing what triggers your happiness and keeping at it. The more you focus on happiness triggering activities, the more you stay happy. It is as easy as that. I know that in reality it is not really easy but being happy. It is a decision we all have to constantly make. There are some things I love doing . One of them as you may have noticed is writing. I just enjoy unburdening my heart with my best companion….my pen! I write on any and everything. Paper, writing pads, jotters and even serviette. I try not to have any restrictions or ceremonies at all when it comes to writing. One has no control over one’s thoughts. I constantly feel like thoughts can just ask to be released from one’s head at anytime. Writing them down creates room for new ones. So I write any and everywhere.

I started writing this blog when my books were getting too many. However, I did not plan to write as much as you may have noticed on the site. So here is what I did. One morning, I had the idea that splitting the writings into different categories was a good idea. However I will let you be the judge of that. The writings started as musings where I wrote down random daily thoughts. I found some of my strong opinions about life flowing into my thoughts and decided to write those too. You may not agree with them all. That is fine because I would not even be offended. The aim is not to stop you thinking like you always do but just to share mine with you and hopefully interest you with my line of thought. Somewhere along the line I began to find meditation to be a very comforting and stress relieving tool. I now meditate from time to time. It is a nice distraction- a strengthening one too. My meditations tend to be bible based because I am a christian. I love to think that all my work is inspired by the Great creator as I like to fondly call him. God almighty. All life flows from him. I decided that it would be fun to let others writers have their say through the tons of write-ups that kept coming in from you guys. There is love in sharing after all!

The hosptal life series just came about as a result of my interaction with other parent carers in the hospital. I write a lot about things that I have experienced while in the hospital environment with a view to creating a medium for sharing ideas with parents.

I also love blogging on The Naked Convos. It helps me feel connected with my peers in Nigeria. Contrary to popular opinion, Nigerians are not all bad. We only have a minority of people who indulge in sending those now unpopular e-mails that we have become famous for. Nigerians are fun loving people who just love life. You can find some of my famous write-ups on that website by clicking here. While you are there don’t hesitate to have a sniff around. It is one of my favourite things to do. It really makes the time fly by while waiting for my son to get better. I also love reading articles there and try my best to participate by leaving comments and feedback. So please feel very free too.

At other times, I can be found dancing. I find dancing to be the easiest way to release those happy hormones even when my movement is quite restricted for different reasons. So if you know you also like to nod your head to different beats, please don’t be shy. Just rock away… After all you only live once as they say. It doesn’t matter if you are good at dancing or not. Just moooove! I love all types of music. However because I particularly love my naija grove (as we like to call it in Nigeria), I tend to enjoy dancing Nigerian music. From time to time and for the sake of my family and friends abroad, I review and share my feelings about various sounds. The idea is to explain what some of the songs mean as they are mostly rendered in the local broken/pidgin English. Where the renditions are in the local languages, I also attempt to give a general explanation of the song. I hope you enjoy the beats as much as I do too! You can hear all about it here

Lately, I began watching Nigerian movies to pass the time. It is funny that there are tons of videos on Youtube and Netflix waiting to be watched. They mainly showcase Nigerian culture. The key to enjoying them is to ignore some of the inadequacies of the Nigerian film industry and focus on the message in the story lines. For those in diaspora, they know for a fact that watching these movies keep our motherland right there in their hearts. They are also able to show their children our culture and folk languages through films. If you are spending endless days in the hospital like some of us do, it is also a great and healthy distraction. Be ready for laughter and pure fun. I do try to review some of my favourites to save you having to sieve through tons of Nigerian videos online. Hey, I have the time to do that and you don’t ….hahahahaha…..anyway if you have a moment, you can find them here.

Thanks for stopping by … I hope you have fun in this my creative space… Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Photo credit: Pixabay