A Warm Welcome

Within the various facets of our lives, uncertainties abound…bringing change. Some of these changes are desirable and necessary catalysts for propelling us to the next stage of our lives. However, as we all know, not all change is positive. Some less desirable changes bring stress, anxiety and very commonly, feelings of isolation.

While experiences differ in dynamics and gravity, different people have found ways to cope. One common way of coping is by reaching out to others for support. Family, friends and different social structures have provided this valuable system of help to struggling people. Unfortunately, some are not always as lucky for various reasons. Some who ‘belong’ are still left isolated in their struggle. Their need for preservation of self-dignity outweighs their ability to reach out, while others are themselves the ‘support providers’ in their own settings. Such roles robbing them of the ability to lean on their loved ones for fear of overburdening those who they otherwise stay strong for.

I say a big welcome to Whispering hope. I created this space at the height of my own personal struggle. The climax of my feelings of loss, stress and confusion, led to the birth of Whispering hope. The idea resided somewhere within the depths of my heart. I lost all but my sanity and resolved to put all that was left into this project. With it, I found a new way to face my struggles. It became for me a solace, an activity, an inspiration… I hope that by stopping by it can be all that for you and more.

Through this space, I have found a positive outlet for all my negative energy. They otherwise stay imprisoned within me, weighing me down, holding me back, lingering on, lurking around within the recesses of my mind waiting to bubble forth to the surface…and explode! Whispering hope has helped me find a way to bring those inner feelings – products of my inner struggles, to life.

I share my experiences because I am hopeful that they will be halved. I believe that although I struggle, I also have the power within me to think powerful thoughts, to contemplate inwardly and come out even stronger and triumphant as I am sharpened by my experiences.

I am hopeful that the power of God Almighty which brought me relief as I stuck each word into this space will whisper hope, life and peace into your own struggle. As by such a simple action as typing this blog , the burden escaped my being through the power of expression, you will also be reassured and united in heart with me. I pray that my warmth and love is resonated through each word that is impressed in your heart as you surf through this space. I ultimately pray that this will rid you of every lonely feeling that has left you until this point bereft of love and support.

We care

By Lauretta Ofulue

For The Whispering Hope Team