The lens of misfortune- A blessing in disguise

It’s a privilege to experience “misfortune”…especially as much misfortune as I have managed so far. But defining misfortune can be quite relative. What I consider it to be may not be the same for the next person and vice versa.

What misfortune can bring with it is a new lens from which to view life. A lens that can easily be misplaced or sometimes lost if the only focus is the misfortunes. That lens is empowering. As a result of that misfortune, you become able to relate in a powerful way to occurrences that you would otherwise ignore, overlook or even underestimate.
Acquiring this lens helps many people feel more compassionate and sensitive to the struggles of people in the most touching ways.

People struggle and are seldom able to express the extent of their pain to others. It can be empowering to keep it all in have your “business” close to your chest but as the challenges pile up, they can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Challenges can also be alienating because suddenly you realise that you are only alone in the depth of knowledge and experiences you deal with daily.

It’s hard to connect with others unless they can “get” what you mean when you “say” or “feel” the way you do.
Don’t feel so alone because if you start to look through the empowering lens of your misfortune you will navigate through your struggles more easily.

Through the lens of your pain:
You see people for who they really are
You suddenly filter the noise that otherwise surrounds most of us.
You realise that it’s not really selfish to look out for yourself.
You see that while many may like you to believe it’s selfish to look out for yourself, it is their first response to you when you need them the most.

It’s not all bad though ….
The lens of misfortunes helps you see the friends you otherwise overlook.
The best of them are not as flashy as the clanging cymbals because they too bear or have borne a pain like you do and can relate easily with you.
Turn those lemons that life gives you into healthy juices that will nourish your life by doing the best you can with the challenges you are faced with.
It may be nearing the end for you but at the end always comes the start of a new chapter.

 Thank you for reading

Thank you for reading.

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