The Beautiful gate of Prayer

The beautiful gate was a gate referred to in the Bible book of Acts1. There is a story told about a man crippled from birth. He always went to the gates called “beautiful”. What a lovely name for a gate. This man chose to sit there. His hope was to get enough alms to survive on a day-to-day basis. People must have looked down on him as a beggar with only perhaps a few stopping to throw the odd coin into his hat or cap.

But one day, one blessed day, Peter and John walked past and he begged them as he did everyone else. He was given what he needed the most. Which he was not even asking them for- his healing. Praise God! His ankles and legs became stronger and he could walk. He was healed to the extent that he was jumping and praising God.

Every day, we sit at this beautiful gate in so many different ways.  Sometimes in prayer and and other times by literally asking for someone’s help. Trusting for an answer to solve the problem we think is most important. The good news is that we only need to persevere in prayer and believe that soon God will send our answer which may take the form of our very own Peter and John to help us in the way that is best for us.

You do not want answers to prayers in ways  you think is best but in the way God sees as the most important answer for you. Remember that God’s ways and thoughts are never like ours2. He will also never give us what is not good for us. He is the perfect father3. You must have the confidence when you pray that our God will meet you at that beautiful gate and perfect all that concerns your life4.

There is only one formula for this type of answer- Perseverance. Nobody said God cannot answer speedily. However, sometimes, he does not. We have to keep asking without despairing. Remember the word of God says we should keep asking, seeking and knocking and that if we keep at it, we will receive5. These are not my words but the words of Jesus. Jesus even talks about a friend who comes to ask for bread at midnight and is sent away. He tells us that although he was sent away countless times he persists and in the end, his persistence pays off. His friend rises up not just to give him bread but gives him as many as he needs6.

So I draw you back to the beautiful gate. The gate of prayer, keep persevering, stay strong, focus on God, have confidence in the knowledge that soon, your answer will surely come!


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Photo credit: Pixabay

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