The appointment part 3

Wow…what a pleasure to have you here this week for the conclusion of this story. For those who do not know we had a Part 1 and Part 2 before this one. It may be worth catching up on those to give you the full gist. So without any further ado, here is how the story concludes…

Now it all made sense!

The call earlier … the insistence on her attending today.

He did say the next appointment was in two months time. What he did not say and should have said was that she did not have 2 months. She had cancer. Surely she had no lumps and bumps.

Amamda sat for the next half hour panicking and worrying on that seat while smiling at anyone who walked past. She was trying to hold it all in and not break down. As she reached for her phone in her bag, a nurse walked up to her.

Why is she smiling at me like she is pitying me already? Amamda thought.

“Hi Mrs Oki, my name is Nikki your nurse for today”, she said

“Hi Nikki, you can call me Amamda”, she replied

“I will like you to take a seat for me on this armchair”, the nurse said

“No I am very fine here where I am”, Amanda replied

“Please seat on this chair because I want to take bloods from you and its more comfortable”, the nurse added

“No thank you”, Amanda said

“You see, all the patients seat here. This seat is meant for patients”, the nurse said a bit sharply

“No thank you”, Amamda said to the nurse again but this time with her voice slightly raised

“I am not one of your patients”, Amanda added sternly.

With that the nurse agreed and looked at Amamda rather surprisingly. She was not really sure why the lady was being upset about sitting on a chair but if she was fine there, then she did not mind doing the bloods from her current position on the smaller chair.

Amamda was a bit upset about the nurse. Why was she being so pushy? she thought. It was really surprising to hear the nurse confirm her worst fears. She just addressed her as her patient. Amamda was very happy that she rejected it. No way! What will happen to her family if this was really true? She could feel herself trembling all over.

She needed to get some fresh air. It was all a bit too much for her to handle. She reached for her phone again but the battery had died. She cursed the silly phone under her breath as she made her way back to the lobby where she sat in initially. There was a water dispenser on the side and so she made herself drink 2 cups of water to calm down.

The nurse called Amamda later. Amamda was quite thankful that she had walked out earlier because she felt a lot calmer and ready to face her reality. The nurse turned out to be a nice lady. She offered her a cup of tea which she accepted. The blood tests were endless. It felt like 100mls of blood had been taken from her. The nurse filled many bottles and labelled them carefully before leaving. Later she ushered Amamda into the doctor’s office for her appointment.

“Hello Amamda, I spoke to you on the phone earlier. I am Dr Gupta. Thank you so much for attending. I just thought it will be easier to get your appointment out of the way so you won’t just be left wondering endlessly about the next thing to do”, the doctor said

Hmm what a nice sermon, Amamda thought. He is obviously preparing me for the news.

“So how are you in yourself generally?” He asked

“Fine thank you”, Amamda replied.

“No coughs, cold, pains? You know all the usual signs of ill health?”,  He asked

“No… none at all. I feel very fit and well”, She said

“Ok that’s fine”,  he said reassuringly

I wonder why he is not dropping the bombshell!

“So why did you have the blood test for B12 done.It seems a bit unsusual”. He asked while he tapped away on the computer at his desk.

Really? He is still making small talk? I wonder how long before he spills the beans!

“Well, I was experiencing severe abdominal pains and decided to go to my doctor for tests. I had swabs taken and scans were done but nothing was found. In the end, we did blood tests and nothing popped up apart from the high B12. I was told it could not cause me any pains but there you go”, Amamda explained.

“Are the pains still present?”,  He asked looking at her for the first time

“No they are not. They turned out to be as a result of my contraceptive coil. Sorry I forgot to mention that”, Amamda said

“Oh that’s ok”, Dr Gupta said, “go on”, he urged

“Well, the scan showed that my coil was lying very low in my uterus and the gynaecologist confirmed that such low lying coils could cause abdominal and back pains”, Amamda replied.

“Do you still have the coil?”, he asked

“Yes I do”, Amamda said

“That’s fine then”, said the doctor

“Why? Is it a problem? Only I have an appointment to replace it in a few weeks. I am in the process of doing my gynaecology swabs to make sure that I have no infections before the coil swap is done you see. Should I just get rid of it and not swap the old coil for a new one? Could it be why my B12 is high?” Amanda asked looking very worried.

“Oh no, I was just asking routine questions. The Coil is fine and not the reason for the high levels. There is really nothing to worry about. Sometimes these levels go up and down. With the absence of any other symptoms, and the previous blood tests showing nothing, I am afraid we may have to discharge you from our clinic. You see, there is no possibility of cancer or any liver disease because your blood tests do not give us any cause for concerns”.

“What???” , Amamda exclaimed!

“Thank you so much…thank you…”, she said heaving a sigh of relief.

“We just took bloods from you as we do from all patients who walk in through the door. I have no reason to believe based on your earlier tests that this test will be any different. I am sure you were worried but there is really no cause for alarm”, and with this the doctor concluded the appointment.

Amamda left the office that day feeling very triumphant. She could not help but feel like a weight had been lifted off her shoulder. As she walked to her car, she imagined how many people were given bad news in that office on a daily basis and felt even luckier. Although she was not told she had any illness, she still felt like she had gained a new lease of life after the appointment. Now more than ever she was going to do something worthwhile with her life. If she had learnt anything from today, it was that life was too short!

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