The appointment part 2

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The receptionist asked her to wait in the second waiting room. Amamda felt very alarmed as she walked in. There were very huge arm chairs all around the room. They were a very sad looking pale blue colour. They were arranged in a circle around a large hall. There must have been about 15 of them. On each arm chair were 2 large white pillows. Beside the large armchairs were smaller chairs, a foot stool and some magazines.

They also had a drip stand next to each arm chair. She noticed a fan in the centre of the room. A large wall painting hung on the wall across the room too.

As she walked towards the circle of chairs, she noticed that  the armchairs behind the large fridge were occupied with patients. They sat on the chair with their arms resting on each pillows. Their drip stands were in use as drips in grey cellophanes hung down from them while the drips were inserted into their left or right arm.

Their arms looked very comfortably placed on the large pillows. Some of the patients had their second pillow behind their heads while others rested their other free arms on the spare pillow. They all each had a relative sitting next to them on the smaller chair. While some patients rested their feet on the footstools provided.

As Amamda entered the room, she noticed that the room was bigger than it looked to her as she approached. It was surreal. All these people were having their chemotherapy treatments for cancer. As she sat on the chair next to the door, she made sure it was the smaller one meant for the relatives that she sat on. Although she reached the large armchair first before the smaller one, she did not allow herself to be lured by its plush and cosy look. Amamda was sure that sitting on it would tempt her fate. “Jinx her”. From where she sat she wore a solemn and troubled expression. She had not still been told why she was here. The Doctor who called her earlier was nowhere to be seen.

The last blood test she had in her local clinic showed that she had elevated b12 levels. She remembered the doctor’s worried expression as he scanned his system for her results. He seemed concerned but clueless as to why these levels were elevated in her blood. His replies to her questions proved he had no idea why. She remembered asking if it was to do with her vegetarian diet. However, the doctor said that would have dropped her b12 levels rather than pushed it up.

Amamda remembered searching the internet for reasons and it all pointed to cancer or liver problems. It was all so alarming because she really took good care of her liver. No drinking or smoking. She exercised regularly and drank lots of water. As far as she was concerned, she did everything right.

What she could not still understand was why she had been brought to a cancer ward. Did she have cancer? The thought made her gasp. Then suddenly the realisation hit her. Perhaps the city hospital doctor knew exactly why her b12 was elevated. It was cancer!

…to be continued next week!

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