The appointment Part 1

What am I doing here? Amamda wondered as she sat in the reception at the City hospital. She remembered walking in through the door earlier on. It was supposed to be a routine check up to see why her blood result came back high for vitamin B12. She wondered if she had walked in through the wrong door.

Amamda was a 35year old mum of two lovely boys. She was in a very good place in her life. The boys had finally started school- big school. It was time to start focussing on her for once. She was not sure what to do with all the time she suddenly had. What she knew though, was that she was going to have fun.

Adi was the man of her dreams. They had been married for 10 years. They first met back at university and again during their placement at the local hospital. Adi was a medical doctor and Amanda was a nurse. They often met in the car park. It always seemed like they worked the same shifts. Although in different departments, it was not unusual to cross each others’ paths daily. It was a small hospital after all.

They struck their relationship one day at a colleague’s party. It wasn’t long before they became an item. After seeing each other for a year, Adi proposed. Their wedding was the talk of the hospital. They invited everyone to Greece where they tied the knot. It was a lovely weekend away for nearly everyone in the office. To be fair, they all needed it with the kind of hours they worked. The only people who missed out were the ones who had shifts that weekend.

Amamda smiled as she remembered her nuptials. She was not sure why she was having these thoughts. She knew she was scared. She wished Adi was with her but he couldn’t have been. He was babysitting the boys because she had to attend this appointment. It was a mere formality- this appointment. Her doctor just wanted the specialist in the hospital to go through the blood test results with her.

She remembered chatting with Adi an hour earlier. They had an argument about what pyjamas was better for the boys because the weather was a bit warm. As they argued and giggled, the house landline rang. Adi picked it cursing under his breath as he did.

“Are you expecting a phonecall this afternoon?”, he asked

“No dear, just pick up quickly before it cuts off “, Amamda said feeling a bit irritated by Adi’s constant moaning over picking the house phone. Sometimes, she wondered why they bothered paying for the landline if no one cared to pick it up.

“Pimmmm Pimmm”, the phone buzzed quietly.

“Hello”, Adi said


“It’s your call”, Adi announced triumphantly as he handed back the phone to Amamda. He dashed out the living room. He needed to sort this Pyjamas mix-up out so the boys could get an early night while he tidied up some work.

“Hello… Amamda here, who is this please?”

“Oh hi, Mrs Oki, Is it ok to call you Amamda?” ,the caller asked

“Yes, certainly”, Amamda replied

“I am Dr Gupta from the City hospital. I was wondering if you were running late as your appointment was for 4pm. It has just gone past four now”, the caller informed her.

“Oh dear, I beg your pardon because I completely forgot”, Amamda said apologetically.

“Can you still make it today? Only the next appointment is 3 months away. I can wait another half hour for you”, Dr Gupta said kindly.

“Oh that is very kind of you. I shall be there shortly”, Amamda said thankfully

“See you soon then”, Dr Gupta concluded.

“Ok, see you…and thanks” Amamda said finally and hung up.

It was after that phone call that Amamda rushed off and found herself sitting in this room. She had followed the directions the Dr gave her during the phone call. She remembered that he did say it was the Macmillian unit. He also said it was directly opposite Uriah Ward for clarity. She looked up on the wall behind the receptionist who had asked her to sit here earlier just to be sure and the sign still read “MACMILLIAN UNIT”. She was definitely in the right place. It would have been a shame to keep the nice doctor waiting.

…to be continued.

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Photo credit: Pixabay