Take heart my love…

I wish I could take all the pain, all the hurt, all the struggles you have all been through all this time.

I wish I could wipe it all away and make everything okay

I wish I could tap you, wake you up and then we will all be happy that it was all a dream.

But my love it is real, so real it hurts so bad.

I can’t do that- make it go away as much as that is all I want to do.

What I can do though is take your hand in mine and sit right here beside you.

Although I am miles away I will do my best to be here for you as best as I can.

What I can do is be here for you and ask you to let me know what you want me to do

What I can do is pray for you and all the family especially during this trying time.

What I can do is stand by you and make you know that I care too.

This life is a puzzle with more questions than answers.

It is ok to feel relieved by the knowledge that she is now gone, now free, now at peace

It is ok to know that she has no more pain and she is now at rest

It is ok to be reassured that because she lived a good life, she must be now resting with our lord

It is ok to lay awake at night in tears and only long for her

It is ok to wonder where she is now and if she is fine there

It is ok to wish you could see her one last time to tell her how much you love her

But one thing is sure she knows and never doubted how much you all cared for her

She is not alone but in a better place where she can soar like an eagle

Though you are far from her, she is in a better place where nothing can hold her back.

Though we can’t see her now, she is waiting for us until we are all reunited with her never to be parted again

Though she was weak and frail, she is now beautiful again. She is now stronger than she ever was. She is now our angel interceding especially for us all

What we can do now is remember her as she was.

What we have now are all the memories of her from the first time we set our eyes on her and felt her warmth to the moment    we said goodbye.

Keep in mind that when the ones we love answer the sweet call.

They are set free. No longer   trapped in a body, in a place or restricted by time.

So we can carry them around with us in our hearts and never be far away from them.

Let us not dwell mainly on all her pain and tears (though we will never lose sight of them).

Let us at this time remember all her laughter, all her achievements, all her successes, all her struggles ,all her joys.

Let us not only remember the pictures of her that were the most recent ones

Let us not only dwell on the pain we could not save her from.

Let us not only remember the things that make us cry.

We will celebrate her life in total.

Let us flick through the album that was her whole life….every day, every moment both those we shared with her and those she had by herself

I cannot imagine the way you all feel now.

But I can assure you that it will get better.

There will be smiles again in your home when you think about her.

Time will make everything better for you all.

Try not to drown in this grief as large and as deep as it is.

Don’t suffer alone…

Let   those you love in. They only want to help.

The only want to be there for you in the way they can.

They may not always get it right but at least let them try.

It is true that we all may not know how you feel but it doesn’t stop us all caring.

If you reach out we will be here to catch you, to hold you.

But we too on our part will let you work through your emotions and feelings the best way that you can.

Only know that I am here if you need me.

God will bless and console you during this difficult time.

May her beautiful soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest in Peace….. Amen

Thank you for reading.

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Photo credit: Pixabay