Poem: I see👁 you

Today I learnt a new type of meditation known as visualisation.


Within it, I was asked to visualise my favourite place. A place I would transport myself to in my mind’s eye. So that i can visual-eyes it.


When I pondered, I realised that there was no other place I wanted to be in. It was not a holiday , it was not a beach it was not with anyone … but it was with you… my family.


You see, to visualise is to don visual-eyes that locate you wherever you are. So that even …


When eyes cannot see you, my loving eyes see you.


When your presence cannot be felt, my heart feels your warmth.


When you are far ‍♀️ and I cannot physically hear you, my ears hear you.


That’s why in my mind, we remain one and inseparable as it is always meant to be.


I carry you In my heart everywhere I go. I visualise you. I look within and I see you.


Your presence comforts me.


It envelopes me and guides my actions.


Though distance may build walls around us, in my heart, I feel the warmth of your love.


It transcends time and space and locates me even when my heart yearns for a moment with you.


The happiest memories of my life are forged within the nest of love that you create with your presence in my life.


Right here in my heart, as it was many years ago, i find my home with you, deep within my heart. I suddenly realise that you have been with me the whole time.


As I visual-eyes I pluck the courage to bask within the nest of peace that I will always call home.


Thank you for reading.

Photo credit: Pixabay


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