Perspectives – Why you must stop worrying about what others think.

I love that word perspective. It’s all about how we view things. It’s an interesting concept because one object can be viewed in so many different ways. It can mean different things to the same person(s).There are so many factors and things that can influence that view. The placement of the object can be of utmost influence. The pedestal the object is placed on plays a crucial role because it can either cause clarity or obscurity. The ideology of those viewing the object can affect their perception. The mood (of the onlookers) as well as the context from which it came to be viewed are also factors that affect how objects are perceived.

We can broaden the definition of perspective to include our views on issues like politics, fashion, criticism of celebrities, and so on. One fact still resounds irrespective of our perspective on various issues-the true meaning ascribed to that object or true definition of the issue as set out by its originators remains unchanged. It does not matter how we feel about an issue or an object, or what we think about that object when it captures our attention, the point is that it always remains what it is. We are all entitled to our perspectives and opinions. Interestingly those views at times change and are not cast on iron.

The issue regarding perspective comes to mind due to the tendency we have of getting caught up and worried about how people view us. For some us, the feeling of confidence is constant. However, there are those whose confidence depends on being ignorant about how they are perceived by others. They become perturbed as soon as they are made aware of some form of criticism against them.

We will generally be less troubled if we remained unaware of people’s perceptions of us. However, since we do not exist in a vacuum, our interactions with others reveal their feelings about us. We are made aware of these by utterances, actions, mannerisms and behaviours towards us. We become objects of focus to them. Like the focal point of a lens when a picture is about to be captured, that view depends on what they see or choose to see, what you present, the angle of view, the context of view. In some cases, it can depend on how they feel within themselves.

At times peoples’ realization of their inadequacies alongside our unwavering strengths can overwhelm them to the point of frustration. Snipes at us can sometimes be totally unfair, irrelevant and uncalled for. We become their objects of amusement as we get caught in the crossfire between their personal frustration and jealousy. If we let them get into our heads, we will be permitting maximum damage to ourselves for no good reason.

We must allow people have their own opinions. They are entitled to it after all. However, we have to always appreciate that the existence of opinions does not always make them correct. We therefore have to find a way not to take them to heart in order avoid getting hurt by those opinions. While some opinions are honest others are only intended to offend and inflict maximum damage. In the end, they are all just perspectives. We can consider them for the sake of objectivity. Such objectivity can lead to adjustments to accommodate others while improving on ourselves. After all, constructive criticisms lead to improvement. However, we must be careful not to let such interactions bring us down.

It can be annoying when an idea is not ours. There is not much use fighting it. No one has complete mastery of any subject matter. At every point, there will always be someone more knowledgeable than we are. We too have areas where we excel. Everyone has their own distinctive area of advantage. The best way for us will be to adopt a strategy that acknowledges the superiority of others where applicable. It will help us align ourselves alongside such superiority thereby opening up avenues for learning and self-development. We will then find ourselves improving and acquiring the skills we appreciate in others. Less energy will be expended this way compared to spending time attacking and antagonizing people.

What do you think about perspectives? Do you think we are better off not hearing them or perhaps you think they are best ignored? As you know we value your comments. What’s more…. It will be nice to hear your perspective too!


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