Hospital life – Packing the hospital bag when your child is unwell

For every parent, realising that your child is unwell can be extremely stressful for both you and your child. After trying and failing at home with remedies to stabilise your child, it may get to a point where you need to move your child’s care to the hospital. One of the things I have found most daunting is packing the hospital bag. The truth is that the organisation of my hospital bag depends a lot on if I am experiencing an emergency or not.

For planned admissions, it seems like an easier task to overcome. However, I am still guilty of forgetting to pack some essentials. There is nothing more frustrating than balancing a bag weighing a ton on your shoulder or buggy only to discover you have left the toothbrush at home. To enable us all overcome this, I have made a checklist. I find it helpful and I hope you find it useful too!

  1. Your child’s medication and important paper work – This is good to remember especially if your child uses special medicines that take time to order. You want to put this with any emergency paper work in the bag. Some consultants prepare an emergency paper work outlining steps to be taken by medical staff upon arrival. medications-342462_640
  2. Your medication – Are you on any medication? Don’t forget to throw these in the bag too. It will be frustrating to forget this especially when the hospital is very far from home. Remember you matter too and it will be nice to keep you well.
  3. Toiletries – Don’t forget to pack your toothbrushes, soap, self-care kit ( body sprays, deodorants, etc). While you are at it, don’t forget to pack for your child too.hygiene-736051_640
  4. Diapers and underwear – If your child is still in diapers, you don’t want to leave this behind in a hurry. It will be useful to take at least a few. For kids who are out of diapers, their boxers, briefs, vests and so on will do.diaper-312167_640
  5. Take your essentials – You want to take a few essentials for yourself. Underwear, just a few bottoms(trousers, skirts or shorts). I personally tend to take say 2 trousers and lots of tops. In addition, you can take lots of underwear. You should take what you think is best. Just don’t forget to carry something with you for this purpose.
  6. Self-relaxing kit (for overnight stays) – Here I will say take a pair of slippers at least, one lounge wear to relax into. Remember this if you are sure you will have an overnight stay. Anything you can relax into will do. This will help you rest well at night so you can be ready to face the challenges that lie ahead when you wake up.
  7. Phone Charger – This is one of the things I personally tend to forget in a hurry. It is very essential so it has to go into the hospital bag. If you have no other means of communicating or have your games, books, music on your phone, the phone charger is a life wire.charger-319845_640
  8. Credit/debit card – You want to remember to take these along with you. You will need a bit of change to tide you over in hospital if you are staying over. Even when you don’t, it may be for buying a snack, petrol, paying the taxi and so on. However in a hurry, you may forget to take this
  9. Take time off work – this has made it to the bottom of my list of things because even though you do not physically add it to the hospital bag. I think it is an essential thing to do to keep relations in the office sweet. Our children come first always and every good employer knows that. However, a call, a text or an email to your employer will keep you less stressed about work. This will enable you focus on the care for your child or loved one.communication-1158623_640

So have you got any more things you normally add to your hospital bag? Please share your tips below, you know how I love to hear from you!

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