The only time to take action is NOW !!!

Have you ever noticed the similarity between Later and Tomorrow? They are both moments in time that lie ahead and never come. Their major difference being- the timeline. If we look at the two of them like journeys; Tomorrow feels like miles away while Later feels nearby and more like an arm’s length away. Tomorrow seems far off while Later is the future that feels touchable, foreseeable.

What you need to realise is that those timelines are mirages in time. The nearer you get to them, the farther they get thrown ahead. You never realise this until you look back and see that a lot of time has been wasted.

The solution? Is to focus on another piece of the timeline called NOW!!!

Now! is the time you have. It feels touchable because it is this exact moment you are standing within. Now! Is when you need to start acting. Now! Is the time for change. Now! Is the time to make a difference. Now! Can be the time to break down that barrier that Later and Tomorrow create by their mere existence. Now! Is the time to make that plan. Now! Is the time to move towards that dream because trust me… It’s either Now or NEVER!

It doesn’t matter how big a step you take. You can walk. You can trot. You can crawl. You can even stroll into that plan. As long as you keep moving towards the plan, you will solve the riddle about How you will achieve it. The new question will not be about If you will achieve it but When you will achieve the goal you have set out to achieve with the plan. For with Ifs lie probability whereas Whens are more beautiful for they hold the promise of certainty.

Until you start to make the commitment right Now, you will never reach the unreachable. Don’t put it off till later or worse still tomorrow. They will never come but there is only Now. If you are waiting for the right time, then you will join the league of procrastinators. It’s an interesting league of moaners waiting for perfection in timing. Achievers realise early that there Is never really a right time. That will be a luxurious train that actions needed to get things done will need to ride on. All that is required is the opportunity resting within the time which is always found in “Now”- That you are alive. That you can breathe. When you can actually make that move.

It might not be the best move but because it’s your move, it may be all that is really necessary. You will never know the outcome of that move if you do not try it out Now. If it is the right move, Hurray! If it is not, tick it off your list of moves knowing for sure that it is not a move that works. That allows you conserve your time and energy for other more promising moves in your movessack.

We have no control over the mix of circumstances life will give us to work within. They are not only constantly coming at us from all angles but there are endless arrays of them. They render the righttimer’s quest for stability before action futile. What we must do to overcome, is to make the best out of what we have got Now.

In the uncertainty and chaos that sometimes becomes the definition of life first comes confusion, then endurance, perseverance, attention, stillness… because as soon as you hit rock bottom, there is  a calmness in the despair that arises. Leaving the options available approachable without fear of sinking further as there is nothing left to lose. At the bottom of life, there is no other way out but Up! So pick yourself up

today and embrace this opportunity for change which is right here and right Now.

Photo credit: Pixabay

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