My Fears

My fears… sometimes they lurk within the recesses of my mind.
My fears… sometimes they sit silently and I feel they are gone
My fears…. sometimes they whisper doubts into my ears.
My fears… sometimes I ignore them in vain because they relocate behind my ear lobes and serenade my worries.
My fears… sometimes events similar to the ones that caused them occur.
My fears… sometimes they  jump out of the recesses of my mind.
My fears… sometimes they pally up with new fears like new acquaintances do in a locked room.
My fears… sometimes they wrestle me into a helpless battle to determine which fear to prioritise
My fears… sometimes I succumb to them because I am exhausted.
My fears… sometimes they make me cry because they make me do things that surprise me.
My fears… sometimes, like now, I realise that they are an extension of me and my uncertainties.
My fears… make me who I am.
My fears… cannot be denied.
My fears… are mine and not yours.
My fears… sometimes they make me feel that everything is about me when it should be about you.
My fears… sometimes they stop me from accepting that I am wrong.
My fears… make you see me as I truly am…a human being.
Thank you.

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