Mind Power – Why we need to connect interiorly with people

We human beings are deep creatures. We exist entirely when we exist interiorly. Although we are physical beings with form, shape and presence, our greatest possession is that which transcends the solidity of our presence. When our purposes are interiorly drawn, they become sustainable.


In other to reach our full potential, we must cease to perform our actions through our physical beings only. Our physicality must be instruments through which we reach within ourselves. By reaching and being in touch with your interior selves, we can then perform actions that will go beyond the physical. We will emit signals from our beings that will be perceived in the interior part of the beings we see all around us.

For instance if one performed a song from within, each sound made would become transformed into a profound melody. People would tend to be “touched” by the unique rendition. The renderer too would become lost in the song as s/he continues to experience the song from within. This experience would remove the renderer from the present and catapults such a one into the beauty and melody uniquely created by him/her. The listeners would then become transfixed as they connect internally with the sound created, leading to their approval and reinforcing the confidence to enable the renderer reach higher heights in pitch and artistry.

When you look interiorly, you see beyond the physicality of the person (the being) standing before you. By each word spoken, you sieve through utterances and hear true meaning in mere spoken words. Interior attributes of a person tend to be laid bare by their physical portrayal of themselves. The more they try to hide their true intentions, the more easily an eye that is interiorly equipped can see through the gimmicks.

Interiorly inclined people are hardly deceived by the materiality surrounding people. They tend not judge authenticity by only the things fathomable through their five senses. They know that these can easily be altered to fuel deceit. They rather focus their emphasis on the intangible which tend to be the bedrock of true character. The interior minded knows all too well that the shrouds placed to distract true character tend to melt under the pressures of reality.

When we look with our interior eyes, we become able to discern the sincerity of the purpose of each action, speech and association we come across. With each encounter we make, we begin to see through acts of love, selflessness, kind-heartedness, greed and even wickedness.

If we cease to judge by vanity or physical beauty (that tend to be evident and tangible) but by the beauty of the heart (that cannot be physically seen or disguised) then we begin the journey towards sharpening our interior vision. The interior eye can see through the facades created to distract because, it is almost impossible to hide true purpose from one who is never seduced by materiality. Like the biblical serpent in the Garden of Eden, they soon become awash with subtle clues and hints revealing the true colours of their intentions. Physical things are material. Their materiality creating the perfect recipe for the distraction of our five senses – beauty, wealth, popularity, speech and eloquence and so on are all culprits.

In the same way, the actions we perform are more sustainable when they are interiorly driven. When the reason for undertaking a venture goes beyond tangible and material advantages, they become sustainable over time. For instance, if material profit drives a venture, the individual may be distracted from other ways to make the venture successful if the venture proves initially unprofitable. However, if the venture is driven interiorly (by things we cannot see but feel within), its initial failure becomes ignored as an opportunity to saturate the venture with every fervency and tenacity that can be mustered. Low bottom lines, losses and initially low ratings can distract us from the real reason for undertaking some ventures.

When we express interior feelings, they permeate and break down the barriers and walls surrounding people. Every time we sincerely express love, hatred, envy, happiness, sadness, greed and so on, they affect people in positive and negative ways. To build positive and sustainable connections with people we must then seek the improvement of the quality of our own interior bank.  We cannot give what we do not have.

The quality of our interior banks transforms our personalities in various ways becoming the basis for making or marring our relationships. Relationships lacking in interior connection (positive or negative), become the ones that succumb to the wall of distance. By the gift of interior connection people physically separated by distance can become drawn closer than those within the same geographical location. Those within sight but lacking in the interior unity can sit beside each other and yet be as far as east and west in their hearts.

It’s always a blessing to see those who although separated by millions of miles are drawn closer through the interior feelings they share. As a result, one can be all alone but never lonely while another can be surrounded by a crowd and yet…be lonely. Keep your interior man alive by connecting interiorly with people the people you meet. Let all your actions come from the interior today and see the difference it makes to those around you.

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