Longing for the good old days 5

Childhood memories….

Of us all sitting in the sunshine

Playing in the sand and rolling in the mud with reckless abandon.

We had way more fun than the children we nuture would ever dream of.


I remember the tales by moonlight we heard or were told

On dark hot nights while we waited for NEPA to bring us some light.

The National Electric Power Authority that we saw as Never Expect Power Always…NEPA indeed!

Something that should have been the people’s right was given as a privilege to us

Even though our parents payed huge bills for electric we never used.


I remember the days when children’s programmes only lasted from 4-6pm

When we made our games as we went along without asking for too much

When it was enough to eat rice on Christmas Day not write long endless lists like tax collectors



I digress though….as usual


Day in day out we had each other for company…

We had our fill and never imagined a day would come when we will live apart.

But such is life. It happens and we sail away on our dreamboats in pursuit of our inner desires.

Sometimes I wonder if it has all been worth it?

The longing for old times keeps me up at night .


Life happened and took us on our separate ways.

To pastures new we sojourned in search of bread and butter.

To the tunes we once listened to I indulge myself until I sail back in time.

I hear all the laughter ring in the silence of my heart.

It deafens my ears and kindles my constant longing for the good old days.


I realise now that what I long for resides in the good old days.

I long for you, my brother, my sister, my parent, my friend

I long for the joy you brought into my life.

Although I have all, I am impoverished by the constance of your absence


Although you are far from me I still feel your love

It warms my heart like a blanket wrapped around my shivering body on a cold winter morning.

I refuse to set these sweet memories aside for now

I just want to bask in the warmth of that reassuring love.


I now live far away from all the noise and joy of true family and friendship

I admit the hurt it causes my heart.

Like a spear it cuts through deep

To the extent that I cease to make my heart available to form new ties

My heart is frozen over with my longing for you.


We are all grown men and women

But in my heart we are still the children we once were.

I want to roam the streets in reckless abandon in search of everyone

But I know you are safe where you reside, far across the world.


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