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The greatest possession a person can have is the knowledge and understanding of God. It is the only possession that the bible allows us to glory in. The Lord himself says we should not glory in wisdom, might, riches or anything but in the knowledge and understanding of him – the one true God1. Our journey as Christians must be centred on acquiring this knowledge and understanding of God. It is the pivot upon which every aspect of our lives must rotate. If we do not know God, how can you glide through the storms of life?

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To know God is to ask his spirit to dwell in us. We should invite him into our hearts to teach us his word. Jesus is the personification of his word. He is the word that was made flesh in order to dwell among us2. The bible says that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God3. The word of God is also found in the pages of the Holy Bible. It instructs and guides us. With the help of God’s Holy Spirit, we can understand God. Jesus promised us that his ultimate request to God the father will be to ask for an advocate, a helper who will be with us forever. This helper is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is always present with us.

We may feel all alone at times but we must have complete confidence in the constant presence of God in our lives. It is a bit like buying a transistor radio. In the good old days, when one bought a radio, it had to be tuned for it to connect to the desired radio channel. If the radio owner had no understanding about the process of tuning the radio and thought that the radio knob was a fancy design, it was rendered useless. It became a mere box, but did that make the radio channel non-existent? The answer is an emphatic NO!

Simply having a radio was not enough. Adding the knowledge about how to operate the radio made a huge difference. The radio channel was constantly available to those with adequate knowledge and understanding of the radio frequencies. To them there were boundless options to choose from in order to maximise their listening pleasure.

In a way this is how our lives are. Without the knowledge and appreciation of a higher power (God) in our lives, life will not be worth living. It will be devoid of the optimum connection with the Almighty God. The way that points constantly to God is Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the link that connects our own spirits to God. Our full potential will never be reached until we are linked directly with the spirit of God.

Without God’s Holy Spirit, everything we believe in will depend on our five senses – on reason. We will keep on needing to see, feel, touch, smell or hear things before they can make absolute sense. Unfortunately, faith that is based totally on these is based solely on reality. Such faith is denied of total connection with the all-powerful God and therefore subject to imperfection. Our senses are imperfect, limited, they cannot transcend beyond the immediate. God is all powerful, supernatural and perfect. In order to serve him perfectly, we must then find another way (a more perfect way) to serve him. That way was the central theme of Jesus’ existence. By his actions, words and deeds Jesus constantly showed us how to serve God. It was a way that had an internal union of purpose with God. A way that was selfless and sometimes irrational. He showed us Leadership by service, abundance by sharing and ultimately eternal life through constant sacrifice of ourselves in service of God. All these tenets were quite contrary to the rational ways in which people generally thought.

After Jesus’ resurrection, Thomas doubted the apostles’ account regarding Jesus’ resurrection. He needed to see him, touch him, to “make sense” of the resurrection of Christ. When Jesus appeared again, he rebuked Thomas’s unbelief. Jesus blessed those who believed even without seeing him physically4 thereby showing us the importance of an inward view about the things of God. Our love for God must be sufficient to direct our faith. To find this love is to find God himself because God is love5. The ultimate example of God’s love is found in Jesus Christ who paid the price by becoming ransomed for us.

God is all powerful, he makes all things possible6. He is the God whose ways and thoughts are not like ours7. He is the God who causes things to be8. The God who gives life to the dead and calls things into existence that do not exist9. He is the God who does not change10.  He is the God who is not man. The faithful God who is able to do what he says he will do11. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

We have to dispose ourselves in our thoughts and by our actions to God for us to be drawn to God12. God sucks us in with the nectar of his love. Like the bees in the fields, our souls circle, yearning for something higher and more sublime. Our souls keeps searching for truth and looking for love. God’s love draws us in because he is the epitome of love itself. He loved us before we even understood what being loved meant.

Jesus makes our journey to God perfect. By knowing him we become firmly established as children of God. We plant our feet firmly along the path that leads to God. We become part of a majestic union of perfection. We become fused with God, God with Jesus and Jesus becomes one with us. It is an ecstatic fusion. Jesus is God personified. He shows us God in his ever loving, ever sacrificing and ever giving form. He shows us how God only desires to be close to us. So close that there becomes a coexistence with him as described above. This new existence between our spirits and the spirit of God is manifested through Jesus Christ and perfected by the Holy Spirit.

So today like always let us do everything possible to keep our eyes focused on God. To keep our feet steadily planted on that path that leads to God. Let us do everything we can to connect our spirit with the spirit of God. If we can do this we will gain perfect understanding and knowledge of God. This is the most important thing in life.

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