I really should have gone to Specsavers first!

So for some odd reason, my glasses gave up the ghost- it capooted ! That happened like a fortnight ago. I have since struggled. However as usual, there has been no time to fix the poor spectacles. It broke in two but in a way that thoughtfully spared my lenses. That was surely a good thing right? I was sure that it was going to be a simple case of purchasing new frames + cutting the old lenses into the new frames. I had the common sense to buy cool frames this time (not the previous granny type that just ‘thankfully’ broke!). It had to be a top notch one. I went for a French-connection pair this time and I definitely loved the brown colour. In my eyes, it suited my skin.

Well, back to the present. I made time today to sort this glasses issue. In fact I was even excited. Not even because I was fixing my specs but because of the cool new frames. I got to my opticians just early enough not to need a prior appointment. Well, the lady at the desk looked like she had a chip on her shoulder. My first impression was that she had woken up on the wrong side of her bed with the look she had on her face. She just stared at me and said “yes, how can I help you today?” (in a ‘why are you here so early in the morning’ kind of way!). Well, I explained my mission and before I could finish she slammed me with “sorry we cannot do that cutting of old lenses thing. It’s just not something we can offer you” (in an ‘I know this was a time waster’ sort of tone). Errrhm she did not even ask to see the poor glasses stuck in my hand, neither did she ask to know my name or even offer me a seat!

It was just sooooo annoying. But trust your girl to show her cool front. I beamed a smile at her, my political mode in full swing (sometimes diplomacy can take you places if you catch my drift). The smile seemed to irritate her because she did not even let me say anything before saying “well, is there anything I can help you with today?” OMG this was faster than being discharged from A&E with a minor injury! I was not having that at all. I shot her a disapproving look and next thing I knew she was trying to sell me a pair of frames. It was surprising that she was not even offering to replace my new frames with new lenses but was rather more concerned with selling me new ones from her shop (I had sat myself down by now). I just declined because honestly I was surely bound to overact if I attempted to respond to this lady. I left so speedily that I forgot to collect my prescription because honestly I was not going to come here ever again.

The silly optician’s workshop as I like to call it was a long commute from my house. I only came there because I did my grocery shopping and mobile phone upgrade there as well. In my books I was a loyal customer and deserved to be treated better. I was quite surprised that I was being treated this way. Honestly the old staff I knew here looked more interested in the customer’s eye health. They perfectly disguised the fact that their aim was to sell you a pair of glasses when you visited. In fact they offered me a fantastic deal the last time I came for my eye check. I don’t think their response would have differed from this lady’s but at least I would have probably paid for a new pair by now. Those ones left you feeling valued every time. The rate at which companies turn over staff leaves you wondering if they care about their customers and staff! Yes! I added staff because surely if the staff are properly remunerated, treated and valued they will not be looking for greener pastures every time. It is just so frustrating for customers who have to start getting used to new staff and new characters endlessly. I wish I could do the whole glasses shenanigan online or using an automated telephone system. At least that would feel like a more consistent and less frustrating process.

Well I zoomed off home and found the Specsavers close to my address. Which by the way was cheaper to attend based on proximity. These silly opticians from earlier had me spending a fortune to attend their appointments which I honestly overlooked because of the nice crop of staff they had. I even dug out a half price eye-test voucher (which received curses earlier when they popped in through the letterbox). I had wondered at the time how on earth Specsavers got my details. Well, that has now turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was a bit apprehensive as I made my way in. I felt hurt and fragile. I really was emotionally hanging by a thread. I needed to sort this glasses situation sharpish!

I waltzed in there in the afternoon with my sad face. The young man I met was very cheery. He asked what I wanted and I told him. He even said they had a lab on site. He immediately asked to see the old and new frames (which was a pass mark straight away in my books!). That showed that firstly he cared about what I was saying to him. They also could not cut my old frames into the new ones (but only because my new frames were bigger grrrrr). However, his first option he offered me was to cut new lenses into my new frames. I felt like doing a dance ! Finally…. someone who cared! Do you know what the funniest part is,the price he offered me was way more expensive than I was offered earlier at Tesco opticians. I not only accepted but have booked myself in for an eye test in a weeks time. I am now a new convert and will be with specsavers going forward. After all, they were incorporated for eye care!

I will keep you updated as soon as I have the eye test and new lenses fitted. So for me, I am giving Specsavers 5stars (for my experience so far) for care, concern and excellent customer service !

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