Hospital Life: The Lagoon Cafe…

Lagoon cafe is one of my favourite spots in this hospital. It is the place for buying food and drinks during our stay at this hospital. I will not lie to you that food time is one of the highlights of my day. I know people say that hospital food is rubbish and maybe it is. But one gift I am blessed with is that I am easily pleased. It may not be the best food in the world but the main thing is that I like it.

As I walk down the hallway with my food bag in hand, there is not a thing in the world that can dampen my spirit. I love the food (at least most days I do). It is one of my main things. It excites me because just eating it and chewing on it releases the burst of hopefully “good” flavours into my pallet. As I swallow each mouthful, I swallow with such excitement as I see more areas of the left on the plate to devour.

It’s funny how suddenly the highlight of my day has changed from say having important meetings and deals to close (from just a few years back) to counting down the time to lunch! Life is really unpredictable. You can never know what lies around the corner. Rewind my life 10 years ago and ask that little girl where she thinks she will be in 10 years time and it will certainly not be here fantasizing about food.

It’s not the end of the world if you are unable to achieve what you thought was your destiny. Not everybody will be bank managers or wizkids. Someone will clean, someone will drive the bus or someone will just be jobless like me right now (well technically, not jobless jobless but office jobless – if you catch my drift.) The good news is that not all great and successful people planned to be as big as they are today. So it is not the end of the world if you are not presently living the dream, or if your life is not anywhere near a fairytale.

What matters in life is not living the dream and having a fairytale life but making the best out of the circumstance you find yourself in. Let us face it, even the said people living the dream are not all as excited and happy as you might think. Happiness is a function of so much more than just material achievements. Something as unremarkable as enjoying a plate of food (especially if it is a plate of the food you crave) may just be all that takes to attain happiness however momentary.

Accept your situation but work hard towards being the best you can be within the limits imposed by your circumstance. To me that is true success. Aspire for a better tomorrow but not to the extent that you stop appreciating your today. So if you find that you wanted to be a doctor but somehow life has led you to be a bus conductor, be the best bus conductor there is on earth! Conduct that vehicle like you are an authority at it, take ownership and man the bus like it was yours after all it pays your bills!

It does not mean that you may not still be a doctor tomorrow. Just keep working hard and being prayerful. By doing that, you indirectly put yourself out there, the opportunity may arise for you to train as a doctor. You will see it because your head is held high. If you bow your head in despair constantly you may be busy moaning and complaining when opportunities come- thereby missing out on them.

So right here right now as I am doing justice to this meal, all I can do is be grateful for all I have. I am being the best I can be and praying for the best outcome for the future. To show my seriousness at accepting my situation, I have now made friends at the lagoon cafe. So sometimes I get extra portions here and there. So hey! I have started taking that advice: I am being the best buyer of food I can be.

Now before I take up more of your time, I shall let you go while I work at being the best eater of food!

Thank you.

Photo credit: Pixabay
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