The Hospital Life Series

I have written some posts and over time, I decided that the befitting title for them should be Hospital Life. Perhaps the fact that I wrote them while mostly by my son’s bedside as he was on one of the longest admissions of his life made it so. In this series, my main focus is -supporting the Carer. You see. in my experience, there are tons of advice that are centered around how to care for children. In rare cases where carers are the focal point of discussion, I cannot help but worry that sometimes that many well-meaning people are not in touch with my reality as a carer. There are many different aspects to caring for a loved one that affects each carer in a unique and specific way. The main aspect that most carers experience more commonly is the alienation they feel as soon as they assume this role or responsibility for their loved on. Irrespective of when or how caring begins, it is not devoid of challenges. When loved ones become sick and spend time in hospitals, life seems to stop while everything else pales in significance. All carers want is for their loved ones to get stronger. As a result, they relegate their needs to the background.

In this series, I share some tips that have become very useful to many of my clients and my many Parent-carer friends. As a  fellow Parent-carer myself, I have tested out most of the advice I provide and find them to be extremely useful. Hospital Life as I like to call it can also be very challenging for parents as they deal with the logistics of the family separation and fragmentation as a result of taking turns to look after the ill child in the hospital. The whole family is made to confront with this new reality due to their evolving circumstance.  Finances on the other hand may begin to become unstable even to a dwindling point, as suddenly taking time off work becomes the order of the day. Worse still, in some cases, even the promised support from trusted friends and family can reduce to a trickle as people go about their daily lives.

If these scenarios sound familiar, then you are definitely going to love this series. You are not alone. My advice will be to get a cup of tea (and biscuits too!), sit back relax and enjoy the series right here. Get ready to plunge into this series as you explore and confront different strategies that I hope you find to be as useful as we all have here at the Whispering Hope HQ.

Thank you

For the Whispering Hope team.

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