Hospital Life – Food Frustration!!! 2

Grrrr… that was the sound of my frustration! Frustration was an understated description of my feelings this lunch time. I was at the restaurant this afternoon looking for something to eat. You see, today was one of those days because I had worked up just enough appetite to earn me a “proper” lunch!

I woke up at the crack of dawn very energetic and thought “Why don’t I work up a sweat? “

Well, that’s exactly what I did and hmm… It left me feeling very invigorated. A dose of endorphins to kick start my day and nothing could possibly go wrong. I had a cup of tea and a slice of bread then decided to save the rest of my hunger for lunch time.

With every chore, I had a visual picture of my would-be lunch plate stamped in my mind’s eye. It   fuelled my activities to the extent that one who saw me would have thought that I had already consumed the lunch. At times it was a bit distracting, making me even hungrier than I really was.

I walked majestically into the restaurant on the second floor ready to devour some food. However, to my utmost dismay nearly every plate on display did not contain my type of food. I felt deflated as once more my attempt at healthy eating seemed impossible.

It was all good food – don’t get me wrong. If I must confess some of the food was even too tasty for a girl to resist without a large dose of self restraint. I just acquired a preference for vegetables to save my ever expanding tummy. This girl now had less carbs, fats and spreads.  All I could find in the restaurant were large chunks of beef, pork and yummy spaghetti heavily covered in rich Bolognese grrrr !!!fru

The area with vegetables did not have the same beckoning allure. They looked so unappealing and I forgot to mention scanty. Worse still, there were no veggie options on the main course today. The kind of hunger mixed with exhaustion I was experiencing today after all that exercise needed something light but filling to quench it. Descending on the available options would have ended in disastrous overfeeding. The only solution was to hit the streets in search of a fibre rich, highly filling and less calorie piling option.

I am not a vegetarian at all. I just find that my body breaks down vegetables better. That’s why I tend to prefer using lots of vegetables to quench my insatiable hunger. I am like a goat when it comes to food. Never satisfied and ever grazing. I cannot help but feel like the system does not promote this kind of lifestyle. Daily in the press the health experts point out the benefits of healthier food choices. It’s just a shame that after winning us over with their sensible arguments we are left underwhelmed by either their exorbitant prices or minimal presence amidst a vast array of food options. As far as I am concerned the government needs to do more to ensure the affordability as well as the availability of these healthier food choices.

Chips, burgers, crisps, ice-creams, cakes and so on are so cheap and ubiquitous making them more alluring especially to a mum like me in a hospital who is not necessarily spoilt for choice. One will expect that foods that are in their natural state and requiring virtually no processing to get to the consumers will be automatically cheaper and as such beat their counterparts in price and availability.

I think enough has been said to get some of us on the healthy eating wagon. More needs to be done to make such food more affordable especially in hospitals where most parents do not have the luxury of choice. Perhaps an extra subsidy on fruits and vegetables and better preservation to extend their shelf life will be a nice idea too. Perishability has always been a factor negating the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables. In the meantime, I propose an adoption of even cheaper pricing that will increase turnover while attracting buyers and ultimately reducing waste.

Not everyone can ignore the allure of yummy instant meals. As a one-off indulgence they will not do me any harm. However, as a constant choice, my middle and overall weight bear the brunt of it. As for today I had a lucky escape. I certainly do not make the best food choices in the world but a bit of variety to spice up any choice I decide on will be most welcomed.

Have you ever found yourself in the same dilemma? I find it easier to plan my meals when I am in the comfort of my own home. How do you keep your taste buds happy while outdoors ,in hospital or even on holiday?   Please leave a comment below so we can hear all about it.


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2 thoughts on “Hospital Life – Food Frustration!!!

  • Steffi

    Hi Lauretta, I love your writing!
    And I have to agree whole heartedly with what you write about the choice at the restaurant. Since I work here I know about the sad little veggie and salad collection on display.
    It is outrageous to see that the biggest and possibly best children’s hospital in the UK can’t offer healthy, yummy and affordable food!
    Keep writing and we keep reading:)

    • admin Post author

      Thank you Steffi for reading. I am glad you share the same frustration. Hopefully one day soon things will improve. Some days are a bit fair but I find the inconsistency unbearable. Where the vegetables are available they are covered in ‘fat’ defeating the whole purpose.