Family Secret Revealed 2

Hey guys, thanks for coming back again for the concluding part of our story Family Secret Revealed.  Without any further ado, let us jump right in!

I must have fainted…

I still don’t know what really happened. I woke up this morning and everything seemed normal. We-all-slept-in-our-beds kind of  normal. If you don’t feel as surprised as I did, then you probably missed out on  the first part of this story. I saw mum and said hello to her as I walked into the kitchen for breakfast. She was making scrambled eggs.

“Hi mum”, I said

“hey babe”, she said “how’s that little monkey?” She asked. You slept right through the fireworks display whch we had for uncle Sparkie. The baby must have worn you out.

“Fireworks!!” I said surprised

“yes fireworks”, mum said looking puzzled. Don’t tell me you have also forgotten we where having it. You signed the delivery yesterday morning.

It was all news to me. I looked in the direction of the bin and saw the empty cartons from the said fireworks. I made black coffee instead of my usual tea as I sat down to make sense of everything. This morning certainly needed something stronger.

“Should you be drinking that?”, Mum asked as I took a sip from the cup.

“How about sister and everyone?”, I asked ignoring her question.

“They all left after the display yesterday. Your husband called earlier, his flight arrives later today. I hope you have not forgotten that too?”, mum asked me.

Well, as you may have guessed, I had!

Did I bang my head? All that last night… that was surely not a dream?

I rang my sister after my bath and she also talked about how cool the fireworks display was.

“Are you ok sis?” she asked me.

“Sure…why?”, I said.

“Well, you were out like a light too early last night. I did come to get you but you did not even flinch. Sorry but I can’t help but notice that you sound so surprised about the fireworks. You made a big faffle about signing for that delivery”, she concluded.

“I am just tired”, I said

“okay take care of you baby girl”, sis Soki said.

“I will … bye” and with that I hung up.

The doorbell rang and I was just breastfeeding my baby by the balcony. My mum got the door. I can hear her greet my uncle Elder Dumayi.

“Good morning sir”, I screamed out from where I was as he approached me. I sat transfixed and panic stricken as he walked towards me. It was such bad timing for me as I could not move with my baby sucking away hungrily.

“Good morning blessed child”, he said as he always did.

“How is the baby? And hey… why did you sleep like a log of wood last night? Are you ok Perry?”, he asked lowering himself towards me where I sat on the floor with the baby at my bossom. He cupped my chin in his palm, lifting my face up and looking straight into my eyes. It felt like he was looking for clues in my eyes…or so I thought. I could not meet his gaze. I curled away, lifting my baby as i did.

“Yes sir, I was …j-just tired”, I stammered trying to hide my uneasiness.I could not stop thinking about him last night…or was it all a dream? I was so confused. My head ached.

“I hope so, that guy has not knocked you up again has he? I will have words with him. You still nursing the little one man!” he said regarding me.

We both laughed.

“No my darling uncle have no fear”I said allowing myself relax. He was still my uncle. Our good old elder Dumayi. He was no killer or Lord or anything. It all felt so scary. My uncle went in looking for his baby brother as he liked to call my dad. It was funny how much that statement offended my dad.

Later in the evening my husband arrived. Mom did not even let the guy rest. He filled him in on the party, fireworks and fun. I still secretly listening carefully to hear if any sinister hints where going to be dropped.

But nothing…

It was all in my head then, I concluded.

When we finally had a moment I told Tendayi my husband and soulmate all about what happened.

“Hmm, the dreamer”, he teased. You do look tired.

“I am dear, but it was so real. So frightfully real I am still a bit  unsettled”, I told him.

He cradled me in his arms reassuringly.

“Don’t worry love it will pass. Dreams always fade with time. We just perhaps have to warn Delis to be more careful. Just in case you saw in your dream is a sign of danger”, he said.

That made sense.

Hmmm, it could all have been a sign. Tendy asked me to get ready so that we could leave. He had missed me so much. Moreover we needed our own space to show each other how much we missed each other.

“What a relief”, I thought. I strolled happily to the kitchen to get my boy’s milk. I heard voices as I walked down the corridor leading to the kitchen.

“Look here Delis, I only came to warn you”, my uncle’s voice threatened. I froze at once recognising that scary tone in his voice.

“Yes sir, thank you sir” Delis stammered.

“You won’t to be thanking me next time”, my uncle elder Dumayi said coldly

“Can you see what you made me do? I had to go back in time to alter the sequence. Who knows I may have disrupted the balance in time. These things have consequences. We can only wait and see. The next time you decide to make trouble, do not… I repeat do not drag it to our doorstep you fool!” He snapped.

“I won’t sir Eldee, I won’t sir”, Delis sounded dreadfully frightened. I had the mind to walking and saving him but my common sense held me back.

“There should never be a next time”, elder Dumayi said.

“What did I say?”, He asked Delis

“You said that there should never be a next time”, Delis said

“Repeat it!”, My uncle ordered

“You said that there should never be a next time Sir!”, He repeated.

“Good!” My uncle said

“If there ever is, it will be you in that trunk not that Sokoni. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir”, Delis said.

I quickly did a U-turn back to the living room where my husband was trying to look cool.

“Did you not get the bottle anymore?” Tendy asked me

“What bottle? I completely forgot. I was just on the phone. It was one of those cold callers”, I lied

“OK hurry up then so that we can leave”, he said.

I just slumped into the chair feigning exhaustion.

“I feel really tired babe”, I said trying to delay going back into that kitchen.

I watched Tendy play with baby and tried to let that view of them playing settle me. Soon enough Delis walked into the living room with a bottle of coke. He looked frightened. He dropped his bottle on the side table next to him and dozed off. I knew he was not asleep. I knew he was so scared to death. I also knew I wanted to stay out of it. I needed to leave and pretend I did not hear all I had just heard.

The End.

Thank you for reading.

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