Dreadlocks: To be or not to be Part 2

Finding a locktician 

My OH was aware that I had come up with a new life saving plan for my hair. I was going to lock it! Yay!

He really welcomed the idea.

He had worn his locks for the past 8years and was quite keen to have a partner in crime.

I always thought he was a boring guy with it though.

He only either spread the locks on his shoulders or he packed it in a bun.

Anyway, he decided to help look for a suitable person to lock my hair.

One day he came home and handed me a card

“Sweetheart, I don find who go help you do this your hair”.

Well, he ran into a lady at the fuel station. she was handing out her complimentary cards to people.

A locktician she was…

“Make sure say you call am to book the appointment o!”, he warned because he knew that I was the queen of procrastination.

“Yeah, yeah”,  I replied collecting the card from him.

Sister locks specialist…. it read.

Hmmm… which one is this again?

Sister what?

Please… please… I beg!

I wanted dread locks not sister or brother locks.

The tomboy in me hated the sister locks straight away. 

“I bet it would be too subtle and girly girly”, I said

“Look at this begger who has a choice”, John said.

“Stupid girl! Don’t talk yourself out of calling her now!”,  he added mockingly

We laughed and I tucked the card away somewhere.

3 days later passed…

“Have you made the appointment?” 

“Erm…no …”, I said, “I have been too busy”.

“Seriously? Too busy to make a call?” he asked looking surprised.

“Ok let me call her now”, I retorted feeling irritated. Talk about pest!

To be continued
Photo credit Pixabay.

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