You can write to say sorry… By Ezimen

Today in the house we had the privilege of receiving this message from one of you. He is very popular for his emotional write ups here at WHHQ. He is simply known as Ezimen. Well he shared a tip that we feel can help us deal with one of the most popularly unresolved feelings we experience quite frequently as individuals- anger. Anger can be triggered in nearly all types of relationships. It can lead to breakups whether justified or not.
When I asked him what his best tip for anger management was he said “communication”. In his own words “Communication is very important and it’s the only way to manage anger without committing a sin”.
I also asked him about how one can break the communication barrier when emotions are very high. Interestingly his response was “by writing”. “A simple note, text or write up can soothe an angry person”. Words have the power of healing and mending things once applied correctly. The media used to express words does not diminish its restorative ability. By words, we can properly communicate our otherwise misunderstood feelings. It doesn’t matter if the words come through your voice, pen or fingers (via texting). Below is a sample of one of such heartfelt apologies as written by Ezimen himself:

I did not deal with my anger properly,
I was sulking instead of dealing with my anger about what happened.
I let my pride get in the way.
Normally, I would have managed the situation better but I allowed myself dwell on the feeling.
It spiralled out of control.
Since we are bound to hurt each other from time to time perhaps next time we can agree on how best to deal with situations like these.
We spoke yesterday and apologised to each other – I like that.
We can build on that and try not to hold things against each other.
I was sulking and I know you didn’t like that.
I was hurt because of my pride and anger.
So can we talk about things that we disagree on when we feel less angry?
I apologise – do forgive.

Thank you Ezimen for your advice. Thanks also for stopping by. Here at Whispering Hope we are committed to supporting aspiring writers. If you also have something you will like to express then do contact us. Have a lovely day guys!

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About the author : Ezimen is a professional in the daytime. He loves writing, travelling and having fun!

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