Death at my door (DAMD) The Scars

I feel the scabs forming daily over my grief.

I have started to thaw from where I was frozen with the pain of the loss.

I can safely say that I now feel the fresh breeze of life on my skin.

I still yearn for memories long gone as any griever knows.

I smile because I was privileged to make them with “he is was mine but now flies high in the sky!”
I can flex my emotional muscles more.

I don’t fight the tears when they pour

I know that experiencing them strengthens me and helps reduce the pain.


Now I see the scar forming beneath the scabs that have formed

where my heart took the hit at his demise.

It still hurts to behold the scar


The oil of love that surrounds me will melt the scar until it hurts less to look at it.
Like every warrior, the scars we bear of the life we live show how far we have come.

What is most powerful about the scar is that it reassures us about we are capable of overcoming.

If you did it before…you can do it again and you will!

No matter your struggle or pain. Keep believing that you’ve have got this!

Thank you for reading

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