Build from where you are – a poem by Ezimen

Build from where you are, build from where you lie.

No use waiting for the stars to align

Before you take action to improve yourself

You will in turn improve the quality of your life.


In every area of your life take control,

Make conscious efforts to be better than who you were yesterday.

Make it a project to continually strive to improve.

Improvement can be slow, it can be radical. It all depends on you.
Build your tomorrow,

Leave the past alone.

Don’t let it hold you back.

Keep surprising yourself by excelling at things that you fear.
Fear is a crippling feeling

Imposed on ourselves by our minds.

Conquer in your mind

And see it come to be in the physical world.
The first rule is to practice appreciation

Always be grateful for the little things you overlook.

Your family, friends , that job you keep grumbling about.

The roof over your head, your health and most importantly your mind.


You are driven by how you think.

Do not compare your path with that of another.

You are unique

You must find and walk your own path.
Learn from your experiences and that of others

But never judge anyone.

Remember one thing – time waits for no one

So get up, start thinking right and most importantly start building your future.


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About the author : Ezimen is a professional in the daytime. He loves writing, travelling and having fun!

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Photo credit : Pixabay