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even as little as a whisper

Lauretta was an Economist when she became pregnant with her younger son. The idea was to birth a playmate for  Mark her beautiful boy who had just turned 1. What she did not realise was that the decision was going to change her life forever. When her son was born, it was the most joyful experience. She named him Otitodilichukwu meaning Glory be to God.  However, shortly after he was born, he became very unwell and soon slipped into a coma. After a slow recovery that led to a devastating diagnosis, she became a Parent Carer.  Otito began to develop very complex health needs as he grew older. Suddenly, a lottery of birth had plunged her into a new life.

It was filled with challenges, trials but also many joys. She often spent long periods on hospital wards where her son was admitted regularly as he fought for his life. Suddenly his journey of survival became an important beacon determining how the rest of the family was steered both individually and collectively.

After 4 happy years, Otito passed away. In that instant, It did not matter what her aspirations were when the race began because he left her with the desire to carry on supporting other families. What really mattered was being alive . Life was always going to be challenging. Therefore in other to make sense of life without Otito, she found her own way of using her lived experience to support others.

As Lauretta always says to us “all that really matters is that you can make the best of the life you have even within the limits imposed by your individual circumstance”.

It is a privilege to be amidst people fighting their individual battles with their health and otherwise. The proximity with one another brings with it a comforting realisation that  no matter what happens, we will never really be isolated by our individual struggles.

We at Whispering hope feel very inspired by Lauretta and hope that we can all carry on irrespective of the challenges we face – big or small. No matter what shape or form your battles take although they may not be similar to ours, the fact remains that they are uniquely important to each one of us. We are thus united in the fact that we not only share in the struggle but also become united by our struggles.

Whispering hope is for everyone. It provides an opportunity for us all to tell our stories. Sick or healthy, Vibrant or dull, all are welcome.

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