How it all started…

Hello and welcome to Whispering Hope.

My name is Lauretta. I created this space at the height of my own personal struggle. I am excited because for me personally, it means that no matter how hard life pushes me I will always find my voice even when it feels like all I have left is as little as a whisper….

I became a Parent Carer recently and it has made me more aware of the challenges, trials and sometimes joys that the caring experience can present to a family daily. Suddenly the journey of survival undertaken by a loved one becomes an important beacon determining how the rest of the family is steered both individually and collectively.

It can be both bright and dim at times. Families begin to experience their fair share of  bitter and sweet experiences. Their lives become like rollercoasters twisting and turning excitedly and scarily sometimes. They learn to live by the day as they accept the uncertainty brought by the dawn of each new day.

We as a family are blessed to have our loved one alive. The tireless efforts made by hospitals around the world present families with this gift daily. They work hard to give children around the world the best possible shot at life. Their efforts become gifts to families who thankfully live with this constant realisation. One they never lose sight of as the children continue to be surrounded by the best team in the world!

Personally, It no longer matters what my aspirations were when my race began. What matters is being alive . Life is always going to be challenging. Therefore, all that really matters in my opinion is that we can make the best of the life we have even within the limits imposed on us by our individual circumstances.

I feel privileged to be amidst children fighting their individual battles with their health. I come across families at the various stages of their struggles with their children. This proximity brings with it a comforting realisation that we will never really be isolated by our struggles. I hope that we can all carry on irrespective of the challenges we face – big or small. To me it doesn’t matter what shape or form our battles take because although they may be dissimilar, they are uniquely important to each one of us. We are thus united in the fact that we not only share in the struggle but also become united by our struggles.

I welcome all your comments . Please feel free to leave them. I am also keen to learn new ways of coping with life’s challenges. If you also have your own story to share, please feel free to send them in.

For some Carers who unfortunately may be in hospital for the long haul, hopefully, this space can be a good way of passing the time. The time that has suddenly become abundant amidst the different realities facing their children or loved ones. They, who only hope and pray for the best outcomes also deserve a distraction too. Don’t you agree?

Thank you for stopping by !


(For the Whispering Hope Team)

Picture credit: Pixabay