God on holiday 2

Hello…helloooooo….. I hear myself scream!

Knock knock … tap … taaaappppp!

God on holiday

I clench my fists and tap on heaven’s door. I have been here for ages. Daily, I have come here but he doesn’t hear me.  I look up…up high. The building is so talllll! I cannot even see where it ends. I hear it is a place of peace.

I came here in the morning. After lunch I came as well. I even stole in once at night to see if the echoes from my night screams would make a difference. Everywhere was shut! All was still… all was quiet … and all was cold… Surely my God was on holiday.

If he were home, he would have answered me. If he were there, he would have sent his chariots to take me home. He would have told me that everything would be okay.

He can make all this pain go away. Yet he stays silent….

My God must be taking a nap! If he were awake, my tears would have dried up by now. My life would have been more bearable.

Well, even if he chose to be silent, who will blame him? I am but a speck in his sight. He does not owe me any explanation. He is my God and I am his beloved. I am reassured of his love because I am still among the living. So, I shall stand here waiting for him – come rain come shine! His delay is not without purpose.

I want to be first on queue. I can see the crowd approach from afar. I want to be here ready for when God decides to answer. I don’t want to miss the chariot when it comes to carry me home.


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2 thoughts on “God on holiday

  • Gloria

    Very beautiful piece…
    So, I shall stand here waiting for him- come rain come sunshine! His delay isanft without purpose-

    The words I use to encourage myself are; “When God is silent, its because he is working behind the scene and at his appointed time I know he will brings everything to play”. He alone knows the perfect timing because before I was born he knew me and he has my script.

    It is well! Keep up the good job sis & may God continue to enable you…You have got a nice blog! Godbless

    • Admin Post author

      Awwwwwwww well said Gloria. It’s such a lovely way to stay faithful. Helpful tip!
      Thank you for the kind words.