Daily Archives: June 17, 2019

Hello people. I hope you are all well and feeling ok? Today I wanted to just share with you guys something that happened recently. I found a birthday card in my bag. It was not mine but one that I had bought for a friend. At the time I got him the card, I allowed myself spend a bit extra customising and acquiring this card. It was a statement type of card. I really wanted to finally express my sincere appreciation of our friendship. He had on a few occasions, gone out of his way to be there for me. Like he really did not have to do the things he did but he did them anyway. Now why are we talking about this card? Well, it turns out that I found this card unfortunately in my bag 3 months after his birthday! Seriously, I though that I had included it with the gifts as I should have. But it turns out that in all the excitement, I had forgotten to include it. As I was about to take my bag out, I did my usual checks to ensure that I was not going out with any left over junk, unwanted papers and receipts from my previous use. It was then, that I saw the card in the corner of the bag. I did not recognise the envelope initially until I pulled the card out. “I feel blessed to call you my brother, Happy birthday. You are the strongest man I know. This new year of your life, God will show himself and stand with you. I pray all storms will become calm. God will never depart from your side. You will succeed against all odds. I love nd cherish our friendship.” I smiled as I read the message I had included on the first page of the card.  On the next page, I saw the verse that I had included which was inspired by the las minute wine I had included in the basket of gifts. “I am not sure if you still drink. But may the wine, like the blood of christ, signify the outpouring of his love and blessings in your life. May this new year be sweeter than this wine… Amen.” The birthday was 3 months ago now and I contemplated posting the lone card to him anyway. It made me laugh when I read it back because I was definitely not feeling that way about this friend today. He had annoyed me a lot in the last couple of weeks. So I feared that sending the card might be misconstrued as an olive branch. That, I was not interested in. I also felt a bit childish, but I like being childish. It makes me stay true to my inner disinhibited child, not seeking to be politically correct! So If I was happy to hold on to the card, why was I feeling uneasy? What would you do in this situation? Will you give the card to your friend anyway? Will you clarify the reason to stop them feeling you were making peace? Like say “hey, this was your birthday card and I forgot to give you then. Read it, feel god, but please let’s go back to our quarrel?” If you don’t clarify you will be the one who made the first move? Right? Thanks for reading

The Belated Birthday Card