Daily Archives: September 26, 2018

The LOES! Seriously, is that even a thing? Well, let’s make it a thing just for today. I cannot even take any credit for being nice to the lady I gave a coin to make up her change on the bus today. She was so grateful. The funny part was that when she sat back down in her chair, she found the elusive pound at the bottom of her big bag. As you will expect, she came back to give me the coin. But I declined it. “Take it as a gift from me to you,” I said. “Oh bless,” She said replacing her initial hesitation with gratitude. But still I cannot take any glory for that act. I was just paying it back as they say. Having experienced such kindness from a stranger myself in the past. I was desperate to replicate that feeling towards someone else even in the smallest of ways. How many times have I been dug out of a deep end by people- strangers. I don’t know about you but I never seem to find so called close friends to care enough to be as selfless as I have experienced from many a stranger. With my feeling of disappointment sometimes, I use it as a gauge to measure my own self. Could it be that I too have not been a friend indeed when they were in need? Could it even be that I have expressed ingratitude in the past when they did smaller things albeit unknowingly? Could it be that I have implied that I prefer to be left as an island of my own wanting no help from others? Or maybe my attitude has sometimes left me vulnerable. I can be boastful and proud of my achievements sometimes. A flaw I find difficult to apologise about. But a flaw that may be the culprit for the price of alienation I now detest. But alas the other part of the story lies with them. I cannot take all the blame no matter how magnanimous I can be in heart. It takes two to tango.   Somehow strangers always step up to the plate. I like it and can never find them to say enough thank yous. So I hope that by paying back the kindness towards another stranger I too can somehow say my piece. Actions they say speak louder than words. Although, I have not done enough to match all the kindness I have ever received, I hope that one day soon I too may be worthy to join the league of extraordinary strangers. Photo credits go to Pixabay.com. Cool guys whose pictures helped bring this story to life 😉 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4

The League of Extraordinary Strangers (The LOES)