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One day, Tolu and her sister came home from school. It had been a very hot day and they were very very thirsty. They went into the fridge in the kitchen to get some water to drink. When they got there, they did not find the plastic bottles of sealed water that their mum always bought for them. They found some bottles of water in the fridge that had no names on them. These bottles were plain. Tolu and Dami ran to their mother who was by the beach on the other side of the house. “Good afternoon ma” the girls chorused “Ekabo” their mum replied in their native Yoruba language. “Please ma we did not find any of our usual bottled water in the fridge and we are really thirsty” they said looking surprised. “Oh my darling girls” their mum said ” our borehole tap water is now working. “What is a bore hole ma?” the girls asked their mother. That was when their mum explained to the girls what the borehole tap water was. It is also called pipe- borne water. This is because the water that comes from the tap, passes through pipes. Now, because the water can be very far below the ground, a machine is used to pump the water from the ground into a tank. The water then comes from the tank into the house through the pipes that are cleverly connected to the tank. in the end, when you open the tap, the water then pours out of the tap from the pipes. The water that come from the bore hole is usually very clean and good for drinking because it comes from the water table. The girls were very happy after their mum had reassured them about the water in the fridge and so they ran back into the house to have a refreshing glass of tap water. Thank you for reading. Photo credit: Pixabay

The Borehole Tap