Daily Archives: July 27, 2016

Life can be so unpredictable. One minute to the next can be so dissimilar. There was sad news today about a young man locally who was killed in a collision while crossing the road. It was such a shame, a shock even. When I got the news update on my phone, I just automatically assumed he was going to be okay after a few treatments in the hospital. Sadly, he never made it. While saying my prayers for the repose of his soul, I remembered his family. It was all quite surreal. The thought that this time yesterday he would not have known he would meet his demise today. It made me shudder and ponder about how much of a privilege it is to still walk this earth. Living the life we have become accustomed to with our son Fred, we have come to appreciate more the value of life. One would think that the unpredictability of Fred’s health from one day to another will keep him permanently at death’s door. Thankfully we are blessed  to still share each day together as a family. Things like this put our lives into perspective. We all go out every day and carry out our daily activities. Some of us are healthy while others struggle. In the end, we are all still here. When life seems unbearable, it is a fact to keep in mind. Some things will always take centre stage in our lives  – family for starters. It all boils down to family at the end of the day. Spending time as a family irrespective of  where we are or what we are passing through is very important to us. Problems will come and go but we must always pray that the pot of success will drop by our door steps very often. It is important not to allow our minds to be consumed with how to acquire material wealth or success. Although they are meant to make our lives more comfortable, they are not supposed to take over our lives. Let us still find time to pay attention to those we love and care about too. Friends and family alike In the end, we do not know how long we have to stay in this world. All we can do is make every living moment count. Let us create memories and hopefully pleasant ones. They are the real treasures to acquire. Someday soon we will come to realise that they are the most important. The memories we share with people when they are still alive become lasting treasures that we can hold on to when they are no more. It is my prayer that all of us who have to survive every day will find the strength to soldier on daily. Photo credit: Pixabay

Emergency : A reminder about how unpredictable life can be !