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specsavers post
As you know, I happily went to Specsavers after my regular opticians failed me last week. I told you all about it the last time but if you are just joining in on the gist you can read all about it here. The D-day for my appointment arrived even earlier than I planned because in my usual over-zealous nature, I decided to attend the store just by GOSH where my son is still an inpatient. I was not really coping without my reading glasses and decided to check out this nearby store (no harm in trial and all that!). I was as excited as a child who had been given a bowl of chocolate (I am surprised I said that since I hate chocolates!). Well the Specsavers same day advert I saw online fuelled my desire to try and so I decided to go for it. The bad news was that I did not have the common sense to decide that early. I arrived at the local store at about half past one in the afternoon and a nice lady took my details. She said my glasses could not be ready on the same day since she could only fit me in for the very last appointment of the day (to be fair I arrived at this store without any prior notice). It was a bit of a letdown for me (honestly I felt like that chocolate holding child from earlier only this time, the chocolate had fallen to the sandy ground!) but she noticed my expression. She immediately offered me an earlier slot to enable the glasses to be processed on the same day. You cannot imagine how I felt. My luck was definitely changing for the better. I was seen by another lovely lady who was very polite and had a comforting tone to her voice. In the next couple of minutes, my eye test was done and I was told to come back in an hour for my glasses. Do you know what the best part was? I was informed that the sight test was free. I had unknowingly walked into a store offer which I grabbed promptly with both hands. It all sounded too good to be true. One hour? I decided not to go back to the ward. I just sat around soaking up the atmosphere at Brunswick court. It was a bit windy but cool enough not to miss my jacket. I enjoyed a spot of window-shopping which by the way is one of my favourite hobbies and had light refreshments afterwards. By the time my hour was up, my glasses were waiting for me at the Specsavers store. It was super exciting. I was very thankful and left that store feeling well looked after. I can only say that they deserve 5 stars for the service I received that day. If you find yourself strolling by Brunswick court and in need of an eye test, I recommend Specsavers 100%. If you are lucky, you might even find a nice offer floating around the store like I did. Photo credit : Pixabay    

I really should have gone to Specsavers first ! – Part 2