Love Shroud

I tell you the things I see in my mind’s eye when they are shut.

I do so because I think that they make you see into me.

They give you a glimpse of my true self.

But when things unfold I realise that I should have been more silent.

Those words should have sat within my fragile self like an egg within its shell.


I see you when I lose all control.

You come to me to remind me of who I am.

As I set my eyes on you all animosity fades.

The bitterness I feel melts away as your presence warms my heart.

The hardness that freezes my heart over is thawed by the warmth of your love.


I kiss your forehead in my mind’s eye.

Within the earth I find you.

I see through the roughage that enshrouds you.

I recognise you even with your disguise.

My spirit finds you within the tempest of my anguish.


It’s okay… It’s okay.

You whisper through your hard lips of clay.

I see into your spirit and the view is clear to me.

As I look right into the hidden beauty encased,

I hear you loudly and clearly.


It’s okay… It’s truly okay.

I miss the times we used to share

just you and me together.

I remember them and I smile


Now you think that I am crazy.

All because I act like I do.

I am not crazy. I am just a boy in love.

I love you more than love itself.

Maybe that too is a crime… my crime.

But I will not be found guilty.


There was once a time

When I would not have minded where this love would lead.

But now I do.

Your words reveal how lonely my love for you is.

In the heat of anger truth often unfolds.

Within the arrows of cruel words lie the darts of reality.


I will not emburden you with the weight

of a love it appears I alone hold true

I take it right back into the depths of me.

I will carry this love-cross alone.

I see now that the love I shared with you was meant for me.

The last piece of love I offered you

within it lay my sanity.


Thank you for reading.

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